Psychic Defectives – the scam of the so-called mediums

There is a certain amount of skill and awareness to allow the scam of psychics and horoscopes to be successful. Half of Australia’s population seems to believe in it! It just goes to show how easily people will fully believe in partial truths – which I would suspect isn’t so different from believers in religion.

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks

AN AUSTRALIAN poll a couple of years ago showed that nearly half of the population believed in psychics and 41 per cent believed in horoscopes.
A scientific experiment in London put two mediums to the test and concluded they didn’t really have psychic powers.
The experiment, at the University of London, asked two professional mediums to write something about five individuals who were concealed behind a screen.
This was a result that was“entirely consistent with the operation of chance alone”, said the researchers.
It seems three things are certain in life — death, taxes and failed psychics.
Clairvoyance is all an illusion. Mediums often use simple psychological tricks to convince clients they are speaking with a long-departed loved one. The client’s acceptance is based on suggestion rather than genuine spirit contact. People hiring mediums often desperately want to believe they can contact dead relatives.
It doesn’t seem to matter that…

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