five phases of humanity

Here’s a thoughtful blog post that connects theism and atheism as natural stages of human understanding.



There exists a tug of war between theists and atheists trying to deliver proof for which of their two stances is natural for humans. In the past, I have unashamedly taken the side of the theists, as I view atheism to be a mark of progression and knowledge that supersedes a natural tendency towards the supernatural. However, I think I was wrong.

On further consideration, I think both positions are completely natural, but not the only stances that should be considered, and that our understanding of life is dependent on the phase of human existence we experience, and the environmental factors that impact our beliefs within that phase.

phase 1 – individual survival

Early humans had little time to consider anything beyond the basics of survival. Hunting and gathering food, finding shelter, creating basic communities for defense, breeding and protecting young. Communication would be basic, outlook exceedingly limited, and understanding…

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