Hockey and the Bible!

Yes, I’m going there.  Hockey and the Bible!

So you say Heaven and Hell are places we go after we’re done living?  I’m not so sure about that.  I am more of the impression that Heaven and Hell exist within life, and hockey itself is a great example of that!

So you have two teams trying to put a small rubber object into each other’s net.  It’s not unlike soccer in that sense.  There are Laws sent down from the Hockey Gods – thou shalt not trip, thou shalt not slash, thou shalt not hold, thou shalt not be rough, and so on.  If you commit one of these sins, off to the Hell of the penalty box you go!

How is the penalty box Hell you ask?  Because of your sin, you are forced to watch your beloved teammates continue on without you or anyone to replace you.  You have to sit and watch and be disconnected from your team as you live in sin in the box, typically for 2 minutes.  After the 2 minutes are over, the gates of repentance are opened up and you are freed from your sin!

The opposing team, if they choose to express grace and not retaliate, get to experience Heaven for 2 minutes with their one player advantage!  Otherwise, if they choose to counter your sin with a sin of their own, both players who committed a Hockey sin have to sit and watch their beloved teammates battle to put the puck in the opposing net without being able to help.  Their sins have separated them from their teams.

Now, I doubt many would accept that there were supernatural Hockey Gods who created hockey, and I think most would accept that the Laws of Hockey came about and are modified according to behaviour within a game that is seen by the greater hockey community to be harmful to players or the flow of a game.

So if morality came about in the sport of hockey through identifying behaviours that are detrimental to the game and its players, wouldn’t it stand to reason that human morality could have come about in the same way?

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4 Responses to Hockey and the Bible!

  1. Derek says:

    To better understand your thinking, I think a parallel to your metaphor would function well here. Come up with a scenario that realizes your metaphor and then explain the parallels.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      How about we use your example of the Nazis? They tried to further their place in the world by not tripping or holding, but killing their opponents. The Jews weren’t able to retaliate in any significant manner, so they would be comparable to having exhibited grace. The greater world community stepped up identifying this action as detrimental to civilization and its citizens and went to great lengths to put the Nazis in their ‘penalty box’ – stopping their aggression and reprimanding (removing) those who led the detrimental tactics. The war ended, Germany went though some tough times – a period of repentance we’ll say, and now they’re playing respectfully again.

      Yes, it’s a simplification of a complex situation, but hopefully it conveys the concept decently.

      • Derek says:

        Your knowledge or history is a problem here. Let’s examine your claims:

        The Nazis did try to kill off the Jews. That’s about where the facts end.

        The Jews are gifted “grace” by being relocated to the most hostile environment in world politics amid extreme controversy that has lasted to this day. Not to mention they were compelled to execute an undercover military operation in the name of their freedom within 10 years of their new country’s establishment. What a reward! Research the Six-Day War.

        The greater world community was largely uninterested in he plight of Jews in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

        Germany faced hardly any tangible repercussions for the holocaust, all things considered. Research the Nuremberg Trials and look at how the war crime offenders were prosecuted (least efficient method possible: low ranking members to top ranking members). And most high ranking military officials, responsible or otherwise, were needed to defend the West against the threat of Cold War Russian and weren’t reprimanded at all, but instead were reinstated.

        Finally, West Germany–an equal participator in the holocaust compared to East Germany ends up having the best economy in Europe within 10 years (and the 10 years leading up to having the best economy weren’t very hard thanks to the Marshal Plan.) Also research the Wirtschaftswunder.

        To conclude, the facts of history rarely support your crime and punishment theory.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        Yes, there are more complications the more you scale up the process.

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