Are Christian Martyrs Proof of the Resurrection?

Some great points in this posting in regards to belief in Jesus’ message and possibilities to explain the apostles’ willingness to die for such a belief.

Unconventional Spirituality

I have read a few posts this week that defend the doctrine of Jesus’ resurrection by stating that a physical bodily resurrection must have occurred because it would take something extraordinary and miraculous to cause the apostles and Christian followers to come out of hiding and boldly express their belief in a dead messiah, and especially to cause early Christians to become martyrs.

That argument lost merit for me in 2001. When Islamic extremists willfully and mindfully flew two planes into the twin towers I realized that it does not take witnessing a miraculous event to cause people to martyr themselves for the sake of their religion. I have drawn the conclusion that people will commit to what would seem impossible of their rational mindset when a unifying cause results in an allegiance.

In my opinion there did not have to be a physical resurrection for the apostles to continue…

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