Why do Christians treat sinners so poorly?

One key thing I learned from reading the Bible is that Jesus brought understanding and release from sin to others through love and connection.

Christians tend to battle sin with control and regulation. 

Look at how fiercely some Christians want to control the rights of people of differing sexual orientation, the rights of people to use recreational drugs, and abortion rights – to name a few.  How often do you hear of a Christian actually wanting to bring love and connection to these people they are trying to regulate and control?  Personally, not often at all.  The act of these things is targeted as the issue, not the underlying causes.

Also, such a reliance on control and regulation demonstrates a strong lack of belief in God’s judgement.  Having laws to provide guidance to potentially troubled individuals would be very beneficial.  Being open to understand the problems (or lack of) associated with such behaviours would also be beneficial.  Condemnation and judgement has shown time and time again to work against the humanity of others rather than for it.  Jesus knew that 2000 years ago.

Why are Christians still not listening?

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2 Responses to Why do Christians treat sinners so poorly?

  1. Kelseybell says:

    You have very interesting posts, and very logical points for all your arguments. I found your blog through some comments you left on themattwalshblog, and it is really nice to see somebody who can argue appropriately, without shoving ideals and religion down people’s throats, but instead trying to help people see a BROAD view of a situation through love and understanding, as opposed to force and anger. It is exactly how I would expect a true follower of Jesus to interact with those they do not agree with.. Not sure if you are religious, or just have a deeper understanding for the bible and Jesus than most practicing Christians, but either way. you bring your argument through with understanding and love instead of anger, hate, and force. I love it, as it is incredibly rare to find.

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