News Flash: Abortion isn’t Murder

A thoughtful look at how abortion does not equal murder.

Dead Wild Roses

And here is why :

Abortion fails to meet the legal definition of murder even when abortion is illegal (Interesting huh?)

Here’s why:

Unlawful – Abortion is not unlawful in North America.

Person hood– A fetus is not legally defined as a person. Nor can it be defined scientifically as a person. Person hood is a purely philosophical position. Most philosopher’s agree that there are certain basic requirements that one must meet to be defined a person and a fetus fails to meet them all.

Malice – No one gets abortions to punish or kill fetuses specifically. Most people feel zero malice towards the fetus they are aborting. Some feel sorry for it, some feel nothing and yes, some (Maybe a few) feel angry that it exists (And I’m sure other emotions too), but malice is not one.

No one wants an abortion just to kill something.

Premeditation –…

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