Do Hindus & Muslims Talk to Demons?

Some rational thought about belief and how beliefs are connected.


Of course they don’t!  But sadly enough, in my Christian days, that took me a while to understand.


As I traveled across Asia and met devote, kind, thoughtful, loving people who believed things very different from my Christian view, I began to doubt my version of Christianity. Many Hindus & Muslims claim to feel the presence of the Divine, or the presence of God but my Evangelical Christianity would not let me believe that. Sure, they may feel it for a moment, but if they constant worship someone other than Jesus, that presence can’t be the real God.

Simply put, here are the beliefs I was told and which I came to partially believed that led to that conclusion:

  • there is only one god, his name is Yahweh/Jesus/Holy Spirit.
  • there is only one way to heaven, that is by right belief in Jesus
  • religions are all-or-nothing: right or wrong
  • Christianity…

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2 Responses to Do Hindus & Muslims Talk to Demons?

  1. Sabio Lantz says:

    Wheeew, at least you didn’t label it as “Some Irrational thought about …” because their is plenty of that out on the web — easy to do, eh?

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