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Dear Mr Einstein, Do scientists pray?

Originally posted on Bryan Patterson's Faithworks:
“Do scientists pray?” That’s the question that occupied the thoughts of a sixth-grade Sunday school class at The Riverside Church, and who better to pose it to than one of the best scientific…

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Video: Sarah Silverman on abortion

Some interesting thoughts in this video. Viewer Discretion Advised – coarse language and illustrations of genitalia Sarah Silverman is Visited by Jesus:

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Science and faith intersect

Originally posted on Bryan Patterson's Faithworks:
Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the US National Institutes of Health, has discussed the intersection of faith and science. “For me, somebody who is a ‘show me the data’ kind of scientist, but…

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Where do those of “indeterminate” gender fit in Biblically?

One issue I have with the Bible is that it tends to paint a black and white picture on some topics, even when a whole spectrum of reality is becoming quite clear. A prime example of this is the spectrum … Continue reading

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Why do Christians treat sinners so poorly?

One key thing I learned from reading the Bible is that Jesus brought understanding and release from sin to others through love and connection. Christians tend to battle sin with control and regulation.  Look at how fiercely some Christians want … Continue reading

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News Flash: Abortion isn’t Murder

Originally posted on Dead Wild Roses:
And here is why : Abortion fails to meet the legal definition of murder even when abortion is illegal (Interesting huh?) Here’s why: Unlawful – Abortion is not unlawful in North America. Person hood–…

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Do Hindus & Muslims Talk to Demons?

Originally posted on Triangulations:
Of course they don’t!  But sadly enough, in my Christian days, that took me a while to understand. As I traveled across Asia and met devote, kind, thoughtful, loving people who believed things very different from…

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