Holy Trinity minus Jesus

I have been engaged in a lengthy debate with a very knowledgeable and thoughtful Christian in regards to my view of Jesus as a human and not as God.  I am very thankful for this as it has been very enlightening as to the points that are important to Christians and need to be respectfully addressed in order for this understanding to hold water.

A couple of days ago we agreed that there is a problem with hypocritical use of Christianity, primarily in the United States.  He mentioned that Jesus was being used as a mascot for non-Christian ideologies.  That was my opening to shift the conversation toward idolatry.

Clearly, as I have learned, there are differing opinions on what constitutes idolatry, even between branches of Christianity.

Wikipedia: Idolatry (Christian) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idolatry#Christianity

My companion in conversation offered that “Jesus as God and the doctrine of the Trinity has been one of the core aspects of Christianity for centuries. Any person who claims Christianity and denies the Trinity will be in the minority.”  I don’t disagree.  But I also don’t think it has to be viewed in that way.

My response:

“Aren’t all those who ‘love their brother’ and accept God as their father also children of God? I believe this point allows for the doctrine of the Trinity even without Jesus as God. Looking at it this way may even bring stronger emphasis to the humanity aspect that Jesus promotes, without the focus moving past humanity and on to Jesus.”

In saying that, I think I just called Jesus an idol.

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3 Responses to Holy Trinity minus Jesus

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  2. I sympathize with not being convinced by arguments that rely upon tradition. Do you mind if I ask, what is your central reason(s) for Jesus not having a divine nature?

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