Why do Christians and Atheists argue about the existence of God?

Atheists believe the universe was created by a Big Bang.  Christians believe it was created by God.  One is creation through chaos, the other is intelligent design.  Both represent the outer limits of our understanding.  Both acknowledge that our existence came from something more powerful than we can comprehend.  Both demonstrate a combination of order and chaos.  Both the greater powers of the universe and God will reflect on us better if we have faith in their workings knowing we are just a small part of something much bigger than we can know.

Yes, the details in our beliefs vary, but ultimately, aren’t we all focused on understanding the same thing?

This entry was inspired by this blog post:  What would make you believe/not believe in God?

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5 Responses to Why do Christians and Atheists argue about the existence of God?

  1. I don’t believe that faith and reason are opposed to each other and had a post on it recently. Just to share : http://danfrugalberg.com/2013/10/21/of-faith-reason/

  2. Perspective Collector says:

    You have an interesting perspective on the definition of God.
    I know many who agree with your idea about the greater power being the same – but they don’t call it God. I think they agree with you in heart but not by the definition of a word – they’d just call it greater power or something like that. Then there’re others who would agree with your definition of God. Then you’ve got others who wouldn’t even consider your idea at all.
    Everyone’s so different. I think everyone could agree with your concept at least, though. Getting everyone to call it God though might be a bigger challenge when everyone has a different definition of God.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      The trouble is, there are many negative things that have become associated with personified names for the greater powers that people would rather not associate with due to religious groups and people who have ended up in the spotlight as not being pro-humanity.

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