Jesus and God: A parable for the ages?

For someone who taught using parables, Christianity seems to neglect a thought that maybe the way Jesus spoke of God, the Father, was actually, in itself, a parable.

Obviously, Jesus couldn’t just go in and say “stop it, you guys are doing it all wrong”, as that does not connect with the beliefs of the people of the time.  Just look at the lack of success of how today’s atheists and Christians each try that approach with each other.  In order to enact any sort of change, you need to embrace common understandings and use them as a starting point to guide people to new understandings.  Jesus did this very effectively.

Now, Jesus had a lot of homework to do before he pulled this off.  The Bible tells of Jesus impressing the religious leaders of the time with his understandings, and that was before Jesus’ “lost years” – the nearly 18 years of Jesus’ life not accounted for in the Bible.  If he continued to study, learn healing techniques, and find ways to better fit himself into the narrative of the Old Testament over that time, is it unreasonable to think that he could have pulled off such a change in thinking through his daring way of bringing a new understanding to the people – without being God himself?

If you are unsure of what I mean, refer back to my post Jesus: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? … OR! for my understanding of who Jesus may really have been.

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