Wouldn’t Heaven be boring?

“Christians look forward to Heaven as place where people will find complete healing and everything about their identity enhanced to its full potential.  In that context they will enjoy the love of God and enjoy the love of each other forever.” ~ link

So in other words, Heaven is just a never-ending group hug?

Being reunited with loved ones and being able to do all the things you ever dreamed of are nice selling points for the idea of Heaven, but if you think about it, where will there be challenges for us to face?  How can we make any sort of difference if everything is infinitely abundant?  After the honeymoon period of being in Heaven, won’t we end up incredibly bored?

I guess all that would be left is to create our own universe to preside over.  Why else would have God done that in the first place if Heaven is the place to be?

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5 Responses to Wouldn’t Heaven be boring?

  1. lotharson says:

    I trust that God is great enough to make it not boring and full of challenges :=)

  2. You know, this is a really interesting point. I know boredom is a sort of temporal concept that likely has no application to a timeless Creator, but what if it does?? What if He is actually a temporal being like the rest of us?? No wonder He created the universe and has spent billions of years tweaking and micromanaging it.

  3. Marc says:

    The goal of many people in this life is to have a place in the city and a place in the country. As I read the Revelation that appears to be our collective destiny. New Jerusalem is the gathering place and interface between the material and spiritual realms. With the dimensions revealed, it probable orbits the new earth. Human beings in their glorified resurrected bodies are able to transit between the heavenly city and the new earth. The opportunities for creative and productive activities will be unlimited.

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