‘I hate the homeless’…Really???

Here’s a great simplification example!

Culture Monk

i hate the homeless

by Kenneth

~A few evenings ago I was sitting at coffee and a totally drunk homeless man stumbled into the café…walking up to table after table he begged for money. Normally, the cafés in my neighborhood don’t tolerate panhandling inside the establishment but the café was packed and the employees didn’t notice.

Watching the homeless man interact with the various patrons at the café was tough for me. Yes he wreaked of alcohol and I could smell it from across the room; but the despised scowls which sat on the faces of nearly every man and woman he walked up to… was disheartening. Normally, when the homeless sit on the sidewalk asking for money the average person is able to walk by and completely ignore them…..but when the homeless person walks up to your table in a café; you can’t pretend that he’s not standing there looking at you face-to-face……

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