Morality, sins, and forgiveness – what might have Jesus known?

The New Testament itself is a departure from some beliefs in the Old Testament.  This is due to the clearer understandings Jesus brought and carved into the table.

But wait, where does morality come from anyways?  I think there may be an assumption in some Christian circles that God decides morality, therefore atheists and believers of other faiths must be immoral.

How about a more reasonable source of morality?

I believe morality is formed through the understanding of the balance of things – the reactions of any action we take. The results of the complete experience associated with the action and reaction form morality.

What about the many things that are considered sinful? 

From any sin description I’ve heard, anything that is mentioned as a sin is essentially an act of selfishness as far as I can tell.

Really, it’s that simple.

And that is why homosexuality as a sin is such a controversial subject – it is stated in the Bible, but in present times we have come to understand that it is not always an act of selfishness like it most commonly was back in Biblical times.

As for forgiveness, isn’t God’s forgiveness already demonstrated in the Old Testament?  You know, early on with the people yo-yo-ing becoming arrogant and away from God, to becoming humble and close to God?  Of course, that is a pretty tedious part of the Bible to go though.  I can see how it’s easy to overlook.

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