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Jesus’ crucifixion was handled by the poor?

In explaining my interpretation of Jesus’ story in a comment thread in another blog, I was being challenged about how Jesus could possibly have survived Roman-style crucifixion.  I had to brush up on that knowledge and was led to a … Continue reading

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Faith and Reason are like an Oreo cookie!

I had a little realization while responding a comment to my previous post, a comment that shared a blog post that touches on the connection of faith and reason that I was exploring. In response, I was going to go … Continue reading

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Why do Christians and Atheists argue about the existence of God?

Atheists believe the universe was created by a Big Bang.  Christians believe it was created by God.  One is creation through chaos, the other is intelligent design.  Both represent the outer limits of our understanding.  Both acknowledge that our existence … Continue reading

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What my son has learnt about the Tooth Fairy

Originally posted on Recovering Agnostic:
Elder son lost tooth number three today, which was a hot topic of conversation chez nous. Yes, those long winter evenings really do fly by. As usual, he spent most of the conversation putting younger…

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Jesus and God: A parable for the ages?

For someone who taught using parables, Christianity seems to neglect a thought that maybe the way Jesus spoke of God, the Father, was actually, in itself, a parable. Obviously, Jesus couldn’t just go in and say “stop it, you guys … Continue reading

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The Simple Heart of Christianity

This is a revision of Christian beliefs in a nutshell – revision 1 —– In the New Testament of the Bible, the concepts Jesus taught were love/respect, forgiveness, and thankfulness/thoughtfulness. Love/Respect – Understood using the idea of the Holy Trinity.  Be … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t Heaven be boring?

“Christians look forward to Heaven as place where people will find complete healing and everything about their identity enhanced to its full potential.  In that context they will enjoy the love of God and enjoy the love of each other … Continue reading

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