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Is claiming Christianity as “Truth” a judgement?

Christianity teaches that God is the only one who has the right to judge.  I am currently engaged in an exchange with a couple of Christians where they claim Christianity as truth and have said my thinking is wrong in … Continue reading

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How Elijah started a fire with water

This is just cool!  Actually, the whole video is interesting, it gets into David and Goliath as well and something else too I think.  It’s been a while since I watched it.  But my favourite part is the experiment to … Continue reading

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Everyone goes to heaven!

Alright, since I was led to bring Bashar into things, let’s go a little deeper. First off, whether it is legit or not, it is impressive nonetheless.  Why do I say this?  Bashar is supposedly an alien channeled through a … Continue reading

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The connection of all religion

Though the source is questionable, the information presented has some value. Here’s a look at how prominent religious figures are connected and why we have so many problems with how religions function:

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If Jesus was just a man, is the Bible irrelevant?

I think I’ve heard arguments for Jesus’ “son of God” status that suggest if he’s not the son of God, then the Bible is of little or no value.  I couldn’t disagree more. Jesus had a very good grasp on … Continue reading

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Revelation! Jesus’ second understanding

So, Revelations in the Bible talks of Jesus returning to Earth again.  Could it be possible that his return could be a second understanding of who he is, as opposed to him returning in physical form?  I’m sure Jesus knew … Continue reading

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Re-blog: Is Reason an Enemy of Faith?

I’ve had thoughts along these lines bouncing in my head the past couple of days, it was awesome to find them written down so well!

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