Love vs Control

My conversation with a couple of Christians on a YouTube comment section has continued on.  It reached the point where one of the Christians involved is telling me to stop replying, when they can just as easily do the same.

I don’t recall Jesus ever telling others to stop defending their own views.  He believed in his views and could see the trouble in the views of those who wouldn’t be open to understanding those views.  He didn’t trouble himself with a dead end conversation after he had opened an opportunity for his belief to be understood.

Now, these YouTube evangelists, they accuse me of not having a willingness to learn, yet they (one of them anyways) wouldn’t dare venture away from Christianity.  I have ventured to learn and understand Christianity better, which I hope is evident from my blog writings.  I’m here to connect dots, not draw boundaries.  Anyways, apparently that doesn’t count, and they don’t seem to see the irony in their critiques of my approach.  I may have not approached the conversation in the best of ways at times, but I am engaging in the conversation in order to improve my understanding of the devout, defensive Christian.

Have I mentioned that even as a non-believer, I actually found great personal benefit to the concepts of love, compassion and forgiveness in the Bible?  I totally get why people embrace Christianity, but I also gained understanding of why so many within Christianity have trouble grasping the basic concepts.  It’s easy to get lost in the clutter of the Bible and forget what’s really at the heart of it.

It’s not a rule book of what you should and shouldn’t do.  It’s a call to action to embrace others who have lost their way and could use a little love.  Not those who have lost their way to Jesus, but to those who have lost their way within humanity.

Jesus is not intended to be an idol, he is a representative and representation of humanity.

I believe the Bible even speaks against idolatry … in MANY places.

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