Be careful about accepting “common knowledge”

There are different churches teaching different angles on things.  Why?  Because they had a use for teaching in that way at some point, and it became the standard, regardless of its accuracy.  Case in point – the world map.

Yes, the clip is from a TV show (The West Wing, I believe?).  Yes, it is based on fact.  Research for yourself if you don’t believe it.

And research what you learn in church too.  Oh yeah, most of us don’t actually have time for that.  We have to just accept it from an authority on the subject.

How can we be sure that our authorities on belief aren’t playing an angle?

Yet another reason why Christianity needs to focus on the basic ideas the religion is based around, rather than always referring to the context of everything with everything else in order to convince those who question it that what they were taught is accurate.

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