Link: Matrix of Belief – where would Jesus be?

Today, I was thinking about how balance and how people’s beliefs might be able to be charted on a graph that is representational of any degree of belief.

Fortunately, I decided to do an internet search before I started hashing out my own interpretation and came up with a great link!

To make this post more engaging, I have to ask – in this matrix, where would Jesus’ location be? 

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2 Responses to Link: Matrix of Belief – where would Jesus be?

  1. dwmtractor says:

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the shout-out … I’m glad you found the Belief Matrix interesting. It’s actually part of a larger series I’m doing at Nailing It to the Door… in which I’m taking a look at why I believe what I do (see the “Apologetics” tag on the side of the blog if you want more.

    The short answer to your question, though, is that I deliberately made the graph generic because I think it applies to any number of different questions in faith. My intent was to point out that belief against something and belief for it, both hew to a very similar track in that empirical evidence alone can only carry one so far. Certainty — whether certainty that something in faith/philosophy is false or that it’s true — requires a decision of some sort that I describe as crossing the “Evidence Horizon” (and in case you’re wondering, the analogy to a black hole was deliberate).

    But it’s also important to separate the question of “is there a God, generically speaking, or isn’t there?” from the question “is Jesus Christ the accurate representation of God?” Too many apologists, at least in popular discourse, seem to be of the opinion that once they’ve “proven” atheism to be false, everyone should just automatically be Christians. That leaves out several pivotal steps, in my humble opinion.



  2. jasonjshaw says:

    Thanks for stopping by Dan!

    Your belief matrix really resonated with me as I am of the impression that everything functions on balance, and yeah, those who accept any belief as truth are reaching the same extremity. I posed the question more with the intention of sparking thought than to actually plot Jesus on the graph, though I was curious if anyone would hazard a try!

    I actually did end up browsing a few of your posts after coming across this one. “Are Theology Debates about Fear or Faith?” really hit the nail on the head about how there is a lack of faith demonstrated within the workings of churches. Challenging dialogue should be welcome in a church environment if it is truly about the faith.

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