All scientists go to Heaven!

Science knows a lot.  There are also some big things science doesn’t know.

Also, true science tends not to be boastful.  I think this ties in with my previous post of encountering Christians who boast that their belief is the ultimate truth and seem to hold a lot of pride in that.  Science does not claim to know any ultimate truth.  Scientists have beliefs of their own, which they call theories, and are always open to criticism.  In fact, I think they welcome it.  If a theory is proven wrong, that is seen as a positive as it only adds to the knowledge base of what may be true, and increases understanding of the bigger picture.

Christianity is supposed to be a humble religion.

Here’s proof of that from a Christian blogger:

So, why do so many Christians have such trouble with this concept?

If judgement day comes about, is Heaven going to end up full of scientists?


What scientists know and don’t know about the universe so far:


… could Heaven exist in the anti-matter universe?

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