Revelation! Jesus’ second understanding

So, Revelations in the Bible talks of Jesus returning to Earth again.  Could it be possible that his return could be a second understanding of who he is, as opposed to him returning in physical form?  I’m sure Jesus knew that the truth has its way of coming out eventually.  If my previous suggestions of an alternative story of Jesus is correct, he would be able to make such claims of returning knowing that the true understanding of his story would eventually be revealed.

Just imagine the turmoil that would happen within church communities if definitive evidence came about that agree with an understanding of the story of Jesus similar to that of my own.  You know, with all the end-of-the-world imagery contained within Revelations.

And after the turmoil had subsided, with the understandings Jesus was able to share being at the heart of so many and the divisive misconceptions now gone away, maybe Earth would become a heavenly place!

Summary of the Book of Revelations:

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