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Love vs Control

My conversation with a couple of Christians on a YouTube comment section has continued on.  It reached the point where one of the Christians involved is telling me to stop replying, when they can just as easily do the same. … Continue reading

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Be careful about accepting “common knowledge”

There are different churches teaching different angles on things.  Why?  Because they had a use for teaching in that way at some point, and it became the standard, regardless of its accuracy.  Case in point – the world map. reading

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Link: Organized Christianity lacks belief

Upon coming across the Belief Matrix, I dug a little further in the blog it came from.  As it turns out, the blog is run by a very forward-thinking Christian.  Case in point, here is another fantastic post of his! … Continue reading

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Link: Matrix of Belief – where would Jesus be?

Today, I was thinking about how balance and how people’s beliefs might be able to be charted on a graph that is representational of any degree of belief. Fortunately, I decided to do an internet search before I started hashing … Continue reading

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Theory of evolution update!

So it seems scientists aren’t in agreement about our relationship with neanderthals.  I guess there are still some significant gaps to be filled in and some uncertainty as to how we came to be who we are in the scientific … Continue reading

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Where I’m coming from

As someone who never actually identified with religion but grew up with basic understandings of it, I actually felt intimidation when encountering a Christian who started to speak Bible-ese to me.  Between that and the selfishness I had encountered while … Continue reading

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All scientists go to Heaven!

Science knows a lot.  There are also some big things science doesn’t know. Also, true science tends not to be boastful.  I think this ties in with my previous post of encountering Christians who boast that their belief is the … Continue reading

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Is claiming Christianity as “Truth” a judgement?

Christianity teaches that God is the only one who has the right to judge.  I am currently engaged in an exchange with a couple of Christians where they claim Christianity as truth and have said my thinking is wrong in … Continue reading

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How Elijah started a fire with water

This is just cool!  Actually, the whole video is interesting, it gets into David and Goliath as well and something else too I think.  It’s been a while since I watched it.  But my favourite part is the experiment to … Continue reading

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Everyone goes to heaven!

Alright, since I was led to bring Bashar into things, let’s go a little deeper. First off, whether it is legit or not, it is impressive nonetheless.  Why do I say this?  Bashar is supposedly an alien channeled through a … Continue reading

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