Nikola Tesla is an internet age Jesus?

I thought this blog may have run its course with my last post.  Seems God, or as I like to say – Great Outward Directions, had other plans!

You know how I mentioned that evidence suggests that the Bible, more specifically the gospels, were written several decades after Jesus’ death allowing for his great works to grow in legend similar to Chuck Norris’ fighting prowess?

Here’s a great talk about Nikola Tesla and how he has gained notoriety on the internet for his great works, even though the truth about him isn’t quite as positive as most would have you believe.  I see a possible parallel of this with Jesus and his supernatural abilities.

Watch the PBS Idea Channel segment and see for yourself:

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4 Responses to Nikola Tesla is an internet age Jesus?

  1. Yes, no doubt that Tesla was way ahead of his time and one of the most remarkable persons ever to live.

  2. Tesla’s everywhere these days in pop culture. Tesla is even blamed for the Tunguska explosion of 1908, when he was testing out his death-ray… creepy cool!

    • jasonjshaw says:

      I didn’t even realize Tesla had become as pop culture as I am learning he has. There is no doubt he accomplished many great things, but I wouldn’t doubt that his legend is growing larger than what he actually accomplished, even with the amount of recorded information that exists surrounding him. I thought it was a good comparison to draw from, and it seems better than I originally anticipated!

      • The first I really studied him in any depth was after watching “The Prestige.” I knew who he was and that he was a rival of Edison, but I never heard all of the “Frankenstein” type lore about him.

        But another comparison would be George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson. Those three comprise the upper echelon of the pantheon of American gods. Trying to get past the fluff and a lifetime of “worshipping” them as gods, and get to the historical truth and context is a major challenge.

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