Afterlife guaranteed! Christianity optional.

A comment about my previous post brought up the subject of afterlife.  Christians commonly refer to the afterlife as being quite the wonderful place – if you fit the requirements for acceptance, requirements that can vary depending on the Christian denomination involved.

Seems a bit vague to me.

Were you aware that there is a clearly understood afterlife that we all will experience?

Did you know that it incorporates Heaven AND Reincarnation?

After you die, your guaranteed afterlife consists of all the physical work you leave behind as well as memories people have of you.  Positive memories of you keep the spirit of those memories in a Heavenly place!  Negative memories bring Hellishness to them.  And don’t forget, your legacy can be felt along your lineage – your children and associates.  Anyone you were close to.  Isn’t that reason enough to attempt to live an unselfish life?

As for reincarnation, an idea that other faiths embrace, it is a guarantee too!

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” ― Albert Einstein

In other words, when you die, the material of your body has the opportunity to become part of other things.  On the commenter’s blog, they mention that they would like their ashes buried along with the seed to a tree so that they can become part of the tree, hoping that their remains would provide some nourishment to the tree.

Could it be that the Christian tradition of burial in a coffin is meant to prevent reincarnation?

I guess it could allow for some afterlife extension, though wouldn’t that be a bit on the selfish side – the exact thing you are trying to avoid while practicing Christianity?

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