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Memories of Jesus – or were they?

So, as I had mentioned, the gospels were very likely written decades after Jesus’ death.  How long?  30 to 100 or more years, depending on who you ask. Quick reference link: Let me ask you this, how well do … Continue reading

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Nikola Tesla is an internet age Jesus?

I thought this blog may have run its course with my last post.  Seems God, or as I like to say – Great Outward Directions, had other plans! You know how I mentioned that evidence suggests that the Bible, more … Continue reading

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Jesus: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? … OR!

One argument I’ve heard in defense of the Bible is one that emphasizes that Jesus is not a liar or a lunatic, so therefore he must be exactly who Christianity says he is. Here’s a link with that argument: reading

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Is Christianity as addictive as hard drugs?

We’ve all heard how there are religious groups that want to ban addictive drugs.  But isn’t something you hate actually a reflection on yourself? “Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer … Continue reading

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God VS The Universe!

Is God a supreme being?  Is God a personification of the forces that act upon us that are not understood?  Does it really matter? Either way, God is big and powerful.  How big and powerful?  Well, let’s forget the arguments … Continue reading

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Pope Francis says “Who am I to judge?”

Wow, a religious leader following broader Biblical ideas!  See link: And he has it right.  Christians believe it is up to God to judge us, yet many religious groups try to push their own moral agendas instead of being … Continue reading

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Church is not intended for improving your social standing

Jesus is a good person to follow, but just because you follow someone who did good things doesn’t make you any better unless you actually learn from them. It seems idolatry is a big problem in Christianity these days.  Here’s … Continue reading

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