Christian beliefs in a nutshell

In my time learning about Christianity, I’ve found that the belief system essentially encompasses 3 basic ideas: Forgiveness, Thankfulness, and Love/Respect.

FORGIVENESS – Knowing we can be forgiven and being forgiving of others. It’s about communicating honestly and taking responsibility for your actions. It’s also about realizing that everyone is trying their best regardless of how poorly it comes across and knowing they can take responsibility for their actions when they realize the impact and negative results of their sins/mistakes.

THANKFULNESS – Praying is a key part of it. It’s about focusing on the positives.

LOVE/RESPECT – The Holy Trinity comes into play here. I’ve discovered it can be turned metaphorical.
– Loving the Father – or loving God is all about respecting the greater powers of the world/universe of which we do not understand – Respecting all of the external forces upon us
– Loving the Son – or loving Jesus is all about respecting other humans – Having love and respect in all inter-personal interactions
– Loving the Holy Spirit – when you have a love and respect for others and the external forces of the universe, the Holy Spirit comes upon you as an internal love or self-respect

I believe this to be the basis of what Jesus was trying to teach … the way Christianity is intended to be followed.


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8 Responses to Christian beliefs in a nutshell

  1. You left out faithfulness. Believing beyond a shadow of doubt that Jesus is God; our Lord and Savior. What you said must proceed from one’s faith or else it is meaningless or worse.

  2. jasonjshaw says:

    I actually approach Christianity from a secular point of view where I believe Jesus was a great teacher. Even from this point of view, I find the lessons contained in the Bible to be quite meaningful and wish that more people would understand them better, Christian and non-Christian alike.

  3. chialphagirl says:

    That is some powerful stuff. I like the way you have expressed it here.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      Thanks 🙂 This is basically what I was able to get out of my time studying the Bible and attending church. When I shared this with some of my friends at the church I was attending, I didn’t really get any clear thoughts back from them. It was almost as if it did not compute with them.

      • chialphagirl says:

        lol. I can just see this robot Christian in my mind “does not compute. Must abort. Does not compute.”

      • jasonjshaw says:

        I think those who I shared it with hold their beliefs up with the tangled web of scripture. I kept my eye on the spider as I didn’t want to become lunch.

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  5. paarsurrey says:

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